The Laurie House Album

Laurie House was a mail order company, and their double-album collection is quite sought after among Partridge fans.

Scott KinKennon writes:

"Laurie House put out a really low-budget album set. So much so, that they used the same image on both sides of the single album cover (the artwork from "Up To Date" as you can see), with no song listings on the outside. Inside, the record jackets are plain white with a hole in the center. A truly no frills album with no dates. There's a mix of David Cassidy along with the Partridge Family. Laurie House is listed as a division of Providence Records Inc., 165 W 46th Street, NY, NY. 10036. I doubt they're in business anymore.

Anyway, here you go. This album is Laurie House #LH-8014. It consists of two records."

Track Listing:

Side A Record 1

1. Somebody Wants To Love You
2. Cherish
3. Could It Be Forever
4. How Can I Be Sure
5. Rock Me Baby

Side B Record 1

1. I Think I Love You
2. Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted
3. I'll Meet You Halfway
4. I Woke Up In Love This Morning
5. It's One Of Those Nights

Side C Record 2

1. Am I Losing You
2. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
3. Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
4. Friend And Lover
5. That'll Be The Day

Side D Record 2

1. Every Song Is You
2. Twenty Four Hours A Day
3. Love Is All I Ever Needed
4. Point Me In The Direction Of Albuquerque
5. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat

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