Pictured left-to-right:
Tom Bahler, Mitch Gordon, Marilyn Miller, John Bahler, Ann White, Jim Wasson.

Ahhhhh ­ the 60s!! A simpler, more innocent time when music was reminiscent of the surf and the sand. A time when turtles, byrds and beatles sang. Nuns flew, cars talked and horses did too!  A time when wives twitched,  bottles blinked, and "Marilyn" still meant "Munster" or "Monroe", and not "Manson" ­ Charlie or otherwise!

Prior to their involvement with The Partridge Family, John Bahler and his brother Tom formed a pop rock band called The Love Generation. They had several hits in the late 60s and were the first to record "Let The Good Times In" prior to re-recording it for The Partridge Family pilot. While we were preparing our interviews with John, Tom, Jackie Ward and Ron Hicklin, cmongethappy.com unearthed a rare press kit from Imperial Records -- complete with photos!! While we put the finishing touches on our interviews, we hope you enjoy this little teaser of what's to come!


Wouldn’t it be wild if every day was St. Valentine’s Day? Toward this end, a group of six youngsters, fresh as a spring bouquet, are spreading the message everywhere as representatives of The Love Generation.

An excerpt from the liner notes of their first Imperial Records album best describes their concept: "A part of today; reflecting the feelings of today... this is THE LOVE GENERATION."

Each of the six talented entertainers that comprise The Love Generation has an awareness of "where it’s at" and are determined to pass the word ­ without the aid of cliches or gimmicks. Undoubtedly the formula is working, their first release, "Groovy Summertime", captured everyone’s fancy. The group’s new single, "Meet Me At The Love-In"/"She Touched Me", is destined to catapult The Love Generation to a top position on the music trade charts everywhere!


John Bahler

John Bahler, spokesman for The Love Generation, was born in New York City. In addition to his vocal prowess, he is an outstanding composer and plays trumpet, piano, bass and trombone. John began experimenting with arrangements shortly after his twelfth birthday. He attended Junior College in Fullerton, California, where he was cited for achievements in the vocal music field. Arriving in Los Angeles in May 1966, he spent most of his time working with groups.

Tom Bahler

Tom Bahler, the youngest member of the group, is John Bahler's brother. In addition to being an accomplished singer-musician, he is an extremely talented writer. "Groovy Summertime" and six other songs in their first album are his compositions. His favorite instruments are piano, guitar, and trumpet.

Mitch Gordon

Aside from his singing duties, Mitch "The Count" Gordon plays trumpet, trombone, drums, bass and guitar. Born in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, he first developed his musical skills on local radio. He has appeared with large and small vocal groups but, like Jim, he's happiest with The Love Generation.

Marilyn Miller

Born in Long Beach, California, Marilyn Miller’s musical training began at the age of twelve when she began plucking on a ukulele and singing in her school’s chorus. Sometime later she started to sing for anyone who would listen, accompanying herself on the guitar. Following graduation, Marilyn auditioned and won a regular spot as a member of The Good Time Singers. Her voice has also been heard on The Andy Williams television show and has been used to dub the singing voice of Sally Field on the "Gidget" TV series.

Jim Wasson

Besides his vocal chores, Jim "Little Flower" Wasson is a fine composer. He excels on the trumpet and flute and could have become a classical soloist, if it wasn't for his dedication to the sounds of today. He is a Californian from the city of Bakersfield. Jim's career really paid off when he toured Europe as a member of the vocal group that backed Patricia Morrison. Upon his return to the U.S.A., he was tapped for another tour, this time of American cities with Lisa Kirk. He has really found his niche as one-sixth of The Love Generation.

Ann White

Ann White first saw the light of day in Paula Valley, Oklahoma, although she later moved to Venice, California, where she now resides "near the canals". Ann first began vocalizing at the tender age of five and has never really stopped. A former member of The New Christy Minstrels, she received tremendous experience while traveling with the group for the past few years. She is also able to sing in seven languages and is quite adept on the piano and dulcimer. In her spare time she likes to walk along the beach with her black Hungarian Sheep dog, Jancsi.

The Love Generation all possess individual beauty and sensitivity. This warmth pervades all their work and reaches the listener whether performing live or on recordings. The Love Generation is.

After the Love Generation, John and Tom Bahler wrote and arranged the background vocal sound for The Partridge Family. They, along with Jackie Ward and Ron Hicklin, became the background vocalists on every Partridge Family song ­ on every album and on every episode.

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