Jim Salamanis' Partridge Family/David Cassidy Collection

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Updated: 10/12/02

Partridge fan and CGH regular Jim Salamanis from Australia shares some of his extensive collection of Partridge Family and David Cassidy memorabilia!

1.) Remco Toy Catalog: This photo shows the catalog pages devoted to the 20" Laurie Partridge doll, which was available in stores in the US. The 30" David Cassidy doll was never produced. This is a rare peek at what could have been; 2.) 1971 Partridge Family UK Fan Club Kit; 3.) Various Partridge Family/David Cassidy magazines from the UK.
01remco 02UKfankit 03UKmags
1.) The Official Partridge Family Magazine - from England. Only 4 issues were produced. Shown are the first three; 2.) Huge European Partridge Family poster; 3.) Various TV Guide magazines from Australia.
04UKpfMags 05poster 06aussietvmags
1.) Australian David Cassidy Sweatshirt - early 1970s; 2.) Various foreign magazines -- early 1970s; 3.) Various items: "The Story of Rock" with David Cassidy on the cover; Christmas Cards; Tour Sticker from Melbourne, Australia; Pinback badge; Memo Pad.
07aussieshirt 08euromags 09misc1
1.) Various Items from England: "Darling David" t-shirt from England; David Cassidy Pencil Case; Writing Paper; Envelope

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