Written by Richard Deroy
Produced by Paul Junger Witt
Directed by Jerry Paris
Original Air Date: December 4, 1970

Keith has been having a dry spell -- he has not been able to write a new song and the group has a live record date in two weeks! Danny offers to help by knocking out a couple of quick tunes, and everyone laughs at him.

To prove he can do it, Danny locks himself in his room and refuses to come out until he has written a song. He finally comes up with what he thinks is a new melody, but he is informed that it is the one he heard on TV the night before. The next 'original' song he comes up with just happens to be "Born Free!"

That night Keith gets a sudden inspiration and begins to work it out on his guitar. The walls are thin between his bedroom and Danny's -- and as Danny is falling asleep, he hears the melody from Keith's guitar. In the morning Danny hums the notes and Laurie writes them down -- and he is convinced he is a genius. He doesn't believe Keith who tells him that his new song is Keith's.

Shirley and Keith realize what has happened and the decide to do an experiment. Keith will compose a really bad song and play it on his guitar. Sure enough, the next morning Danny says he has a new composition but that it is terrible. When Keith plays the same song, Danny learns the bitter truth. He is very disheartened.

The Partridge Family is getting ready to sing Keith's new song, "To Be Lovers," and Keith announces to the audience that the song's history is a rather peculiar one. He says that he wrote it, but Danny made several improvements on it so it is their first collaborative effort.

Danny next gets the idea to bring back the Bunny Hop and the group can hop off the stage!

"To Be Lovers," music and lyrics by Mark Charron (on The Partridge Family Album)

Guest Cast:

Tube Trivia:
- Director Jerry Paris is best known for playing Jerry Helper on "The Dick Van Dyke Show." He has also directed episodes of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," Happy Days," and "Mork & Mindy."
- This is one of the few episodes not to feature a guest cast.

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