Written by Steve Zacharias and Michael Leeson
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Jerry London
Original Air Date: January 19, 1973

At school Cindy Brown, the principal's daughter, is in a rush and asks Laurie to drop an envelope into the math teacher's mailbox for her. Just as Laurie is depositing the envelope, the math teacher grabs her arm -- the envelope contains a stolen copy of the math test. Laurie refuses to tell where she got test from; she is sure Cindy will tell them herself.

The school is divided -- half the kids carry signs reading "Expel Laurie;" other signs read "Free Laurie." Laurie is ordered to appear for trial before a student court. Keith and Danny play "Perry Mason," acting as Laurie's defense.

Laurie has confided to her mother that Cindy is the culprit -- being the principal's daughter, she is under too much pressure to get good grades. Shirley waits, but finally right before the trial she goes to see Cindy's father. He realizes that Cindy is the guilty one but Shirley convinces him not to stop the trial, but to give Cindy a chance to confess on her own, which she does at the student trial.

"It's You," music and lyrics by Johnny Cymbal and Peggy Clinger (on Crossword Puzzle)

Guest Cast:
Cindy Brown ---------------------------------- Tannis Montgomery
Mr. Felcher ------------------------------------ Dana Elcar
Mr. Brown ------------------------------------ Noah Keen
Judge ------------------------------------------ Eric Laneuville
Brad ------------------------------------------- Jim Wakefield
Student ---------------------------------------- Scott Ehrlich
Melinda ---------------------------------------- Michelle Cook

Tube Trivia:
- Dana Elcar was a regular on "Baretta" and "MacGyver."
- Eric Laneuville played Larry on "Room 222 and was a regular on  "St. Elsewhere."

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