Written by Lloyd Turner and Gordon Mitchell
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Herb Wallerstein
Original Air Date: February 9, 1973

Reuben arranges for the Partridge Family to make a TV commercial for Erwin Tully, owner of a large take-out chicken outfit. Up until now, "Uncle Erwin" has been making all his own commercials, very corny ones complete with chicken costumes. His sales have dropped and he feels he needs a new image.

The family films the commercial -- the setting is a picnic; all the kids are playing and enjoying Uncle Erwin's chicken. Everyone is very pleased with the ad, everyone by Erwin! He feels something is missing -- chicken suits! The Partridges are 100% against it but are forced by a contract to make another commercial. They try to make it as bad as possible, hoping Erwin won't like it and use the first one. Unfortunately, he loves it!

Erwin is going to preview his new commercial at a convention for all this franchise owners. Shirley realizes everyone there will hate the ad. So, when the conventioneers assume the commercial is a joke and ask for the "real one," Shirley saves the day by having the first ad ready to be shown.

"Friend And A Lover," music and lyrics by Wes Farrell, Bobby Hart and Danny Janssen (on Notebook)

Guest Cast:
Erwin -------------------------------------------- William Windom
Director ----------------------------------------- Danny Goldman
Bonnie Kleinschmitt ------------------------------ Elaine Giftos
Conventioneer ----------------------------------- John Lawrence
Gwen -------------------------------------------- Odine Vaughn

Tube Trivia:
- William Windom appeared on "Farmer's Daughter," "My World and Welcome To It," and as Dr. Seth Hazlitt on "Murder, She Wrote."
- This is Elaine Giftos' second appearance as Bonnie Kleinschmitt.
- This episode has the distinction of being each cast members' least favorite.

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