Written by Steve Zacharius and Michael Leeson
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Lee Philips
Original Air Date: March 16, 1973

Laurie is chosen to be a campaign manager for Phyllis Goldberg, who is a candidate for the school presidency. Unfortunately, Phyllis, an intelligent but very timid girl, will have to compete for this chosen position with Keith, who is without a doubt the more popular of the two.

Overly assured that he will win because of his personal charm and magnetism, Keith is rather surprised to learn from Danny, the official pollster, that although he is far ahead, his strongest support comes from the students to whom he spoke during music and woodshop. This is significant, for these students could not really hear his speech, and judged him solely on his popularity. Keith's lack of awareness of school problems becomes quite evident when Phyllis challenges him to a debate, after which Danny informs him that the school is equally divided between the two candidates.

Keith seriously considers dropping out of the race because he is afraid of losing. Instead, he throws his support to the Goldberg camp by telling students that Phyllis' qualifications are far superior to his, which he sincerely believes. But Keith has far underestimated his own popularity, for he still manages to win the election. Phyllis is a good sport about losing, and is satisfied with having made so many new friends during the campaign.

"They'll Come A Time," music and lyrics by David Cassidy (on Shopping Bag)

Guest Cast:
Phyllis ------------------------------------ Holly Near
Ted --------------------------------------- David Dominguez
Girl # 1 ----------------------------------- Geri Berger
Girl # 2 ----------------------------------- Lori Farrow
Principal ---------------------------------- Jason Wingreen
Myron ------------------------------------ Bobby Kramer
Band Member ---------------------------- Anne Carol Pearson

Tube Trivia:
- Bobby Kramer also appeared in Episode 80.
- The week this episode aired, "Crossword Puzzle" was released as The Partridge Family's eighth LP. It will be the last LP to appear on the charts, entering on July 7, 1973. It peaks at # 167. It's clear that the public's musical tastes are changing, and the bus is running out of gas.

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