Telecast: ABC September 25, 1970 - August 31, 1974

Broadcast History (all EDT): Sept. 1970 - Jun. 1973, ABC Friday 8:30 - 9:00 P.M. Jun. 1973 - Aug. 1974, ABC Saturday 8:00 - 8:30 P.M.


Executive Producer: Bob Claver
Producers: Paul Jungle Witt, Larry Rosen, Mel Swope, William S. Bickley
Producer/Story Editor: Dale McRaven
Created by Bernard Slade

Directed by Jerry Paris, Peter Baldwin, Jerry Bernstein, Claudio Guzman, Ralph Serensky, Bob Claver, E.W. Swackhamer, Paul Junger Witt, Harry Falk, Herbert Kenwith, Alan Rafkin, Mel Swope, Earl Bellamy, Richard Kinon, Lou Antonio, Roger Duchovny, Russell MAyberry, Jerry London, Jerome Courtland, Paton Price, Lee Phillips, Herb Wallerstein, Bruce Bilson, Charles Rondeau, Ross Bowman, Ernest A. Losso

Written by Bernard Slade, Martin A. Ragaway, Gordon Mitchell & Lloyd Turner, Steve Pritzker, Ron Freidman, Dale Mcraven, Richard DeRoy, Coslough Johnson, Peter Meyerson, James Henderson, Harry Winkler & Harry Dolan, Stan Cutler & Martin Donovan, Alan Mandel & Chuck Shyer, Susan Silver, Peggy Chandler Dick, William S. Bickley, Bob Rodgers, Richard Bensfield & Peggy Grant, Martin Cohan, John Wilder, Bernie Kahn & Christopher Morgan, Susan Harris, Charlotte Brown, Steve Zacharias & Michael Leeson, Skip Webster, George Tibbles, Paul Lichtman, William Manhoff, William J. Keenan, Art Baer & Ben Joelson

Associate Producers: Mel Swope, Michael Warren
Music by Hugo Montenegro, Shorty Rogers, George Dunning
Records Produced by Wes Farrell

Title Song When We're Singin' (1970-72) - Music by Wes Farrell, Lyrics by Diane Hilderbrand

Title Song C'mon Get Happy (1972-74) - New Lyrics by Danny Janssen

Story Consultant: William S. Bickley
Story Editor: Steve Zacharias
Directors of Photography: Sam Leavitt, Fred H. Jackman
Art Directors: Ross Bellah, Cary Oldell, John Beckman
Film Editors: Norman Wallerstein, Fred Baratta
Casting Executive: Renee Valente
Casting by Shelly Ellison, Sally Powers
Set Decorator: Ned Parsons
Make-up Supervsion: Ben Lane, S.M.A.
Assistant Directors: Christoper Morgan, Thomas McCrory
Opticals by Photo Effex
Script Supervisor: Stuart Lippman
Guitars and Amplifiers Provided by Ovation
Music & Sound Effects: Sunset Editorial
Main Title Design: Sandy Dvore

A Screen Gems Production
An ABC Presentation

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