Brand New Me

Words & Music by Wes Farrell & Eddie Singleton

Eb      Bb/D  F#          Bb
Come on down, off of your cloud
Eb	 Bb/D  F#          Bb
Why just be a face in the crowd?
Eb				  Bb
You can remember that once upon a love affair
F#					    Bb
Your heart was warm; your lips were tender; and I didn't care, baby

	 Eb				Bb
CHORUS:	(You're gonna see) you're gonna see
	(a brand new me) a brand new me
			        F			Eb
	(It's you that's on my mind this time) I really love you
	(I'll be around; I'll never let you down) won't be the same
	Cm		   F
	(Can't you see my) feet are on the ground

Eb	    Bb/D    F#       Bb
I've had my fill of foolin' around
Eb	 Bb/D  F#          Bb
Ain't no life just being a clown
Eb					Bb
I heard the weather report and it said sunny today
F#					Bb				
How did he know that you would show up to love each day baby


SOLO: (verse instrumental)


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