I Wanna Be With You

Music and Lyrics by Wes Farrell and Gerry Goffin

Woke up feeling down this morning
The blues walked in without a warning
Wished I could have stayed in bed all day
And all at once I thought about you
And knew I couldn't live without you
Knew I had to tell you right away

I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you
All I want to do is to be with you
I wanna be with you
My whole life through
All I want to do is to be with you

You don't really have to wonder
Why there's a cloud I've been living under
I'm just afraid of losin what I found
When you meet somebody special
You don't wanna have to settle
For someone who just happens to be around


I looked at you and something happened
And it as more than I imagined
You got a hold of me
You got through to me
I love everything that you mean to me
Oh, I don't think that I could stand it
If you decided to leave me stranded
You got the love of me and the life of me
And being away from you is driving me crazy


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