There's No Doubt in my Mind

Words and Music by Wes Farrell & Gerry Goffin

Ab                                    Eb
There's no doubt in my mind with your wandering smile
Bbm          Db           Ab
You won't be staying very long
        Ab                       Eb          
Ah, but you're gonna find if you hang around awhile
Bbm        Db                    Ab
you will remember me when you're gone

	Cm          Fm            Db              Ab
CHORUS:	You may not think that my love counts for much
	Cm           Fm               Db                   Ab
	But you'll remember me, baby, every single time we touch
	Cm           Fm                Db                 Ab
	One of these days you're gonna wish that you were mine
	Bbm                        Db               Eb       Db Eb
	Don't be mistaken baby you won't be wastin' any time

Ab Eb Bbm Db Ab

Ab                                 Eb
There's no need to pretend that we can foresee
Bbm      Db                   Ab
just how long these days will last
      Ab                         Eb
But I tell you I intend that the time you spend with me
Bbm          Db              Ab
won't be forgotten when it's past



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