You Don't Have To Tell Me

Words and Music by Tony Romeo

INTRO: F  C/E  Bb  C

F                 C/E     Dm                F/C
You don't have to tell me that you're going out
Bb              F/A       Gm7           C
You don't wanna see me is what it's all about
Bb            F/A     Bb/G      F
I know you're needed and wanted badly
F  C/E  Dm Dm/C Bb       C       Bb C
east and west of the Mississippi

F                 C/E     Dm                       F/C
You don't have to tell me who's been knockin' down your door
Bb           F/A         Gm7                   C
It's not the first time, no, we've been there before
Bb     F/A        Bb/G       F
I only called you to let you know
F C/E     Dm   Dm/C Bb            C   Bb/G C
I haven't seen you and I miss you so

Bb                                F                C/E        Dm       C
You don't have to stand there and tell me that you love me or anything
Bb                F/A                    Bb/C
There've been too many things we've been fakin'
Bb                F/A           Gm7                    F
You don't have to play no games or think of reasons to call me names
G        G7                 C      Bb  C  F  C/E  Bb  C
It's the last call that I'm makin'

F               C/E      Dm                   F/C
Honey, don't mislead me, just tell me how you feel
Bb               F/A      Gm7              C
And if you don't need me, hey, it's no big deal
Bb      F/A   Bb/G             F       F C/E   Dm    Bb/C Bdim
OK, I'm lyin' right through my teeth - and I'm dyin' underneath

F   C/E     Dm Dm/C Bb/G      C
Let's get together, oh, baby, please
F   C/E     Dm Dm/C            Bb/G  C     Bb Bb/C
Let's get together, Im beggin' on my knees
F           C/E    Bb                 F
If it's all over, there's no need to cry
Bb/C                           F  Fmaj7  Bb/D  C7  F
All you have to tell me is goodbye

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