Umbrella Man

Words and Music by Wes Farrell, Jim Cretecos and Mike Appel

INTRO: D, Dm7, Em7/D, Dm7

D             Dm7     Em7/D                Dm7
Your world is cloudy, blue skies turned to gray
D             Dm7          Em7/D                  Dm7
Raindrops are fallin', but why stop and call it a day?
         Gmaj7        A6          Gmaj7              A6
There'll be no stormy weather as long as you're with me
Gmaj7             A6    Gmaj7                              A6
Our love's so together, Girl, I love ya, you can depend on me

		             Dm       C6    Bbmaj7          C6
CHORUS:		I'll be your Umbrella Man, shower you with all my love
		Dm       C6   Bbmaj7            C6
		Umbrella Man, shelter you in my lovin' arms
		Dm       C6   Bbmaj7          C6               Dm
		Umbrella Man, Heaven help me, child you know I love you
		Dm7       Em7/D     Dm7
		Love You, Love You, Love You

D        Dm7        Em7/D              Dm7
Too many nights of love have come and gone.
D           Dm7               Em7/D              Dm7
That's all behind us, girl, I know we can get it on
Gmaj7             A6          Gmaj7          A6
Well, I want your love to be always close at hand
Gmaj7          A6         Gmaj7                           A6
You're heaven-sent to me, we can make it, girl, I know we can



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