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Jen sez: I had the pleasure of sending Patti Cohoon a tape containing the two episodes she guest starred in (Episode 46, Promise Her Anything, But Give Her a Punch and Episode 55, You're Only Young Twice) as Danny's love interest and resident home wrecker, Gloria Hickey. In return, she sent me the two pictures you see here, and a note with some of her Partridge memories and a bit of update on what she's currently up to.

July 26, 1998

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you so very much for sending me the tapes of my Partridge Family episodes!! It was truly like watching baby pictures and brought back a lot of very fond memories.

I also want to thank you for letting me be a part of your website. Rozane tells me that you may want to put some of my memories of the show for you and your viewers to enjoy.

I was so very excited when I booked the Partridge Family. As we all remember, that was by far the most popular show on T. V. at the time. I had been acting for quite a few years and thought that I could no longer be star struck... until I met David (or should I say "Keith") in person. Now, I was a few years younger than David so, even though he was very nice to me, we didn't talk too much when I was shooting my episodes. I do remember him always brushing his hair. He had a brush in his back pocket at all times when he wasn't on camera. Susan Dey I remember as being the most beautiful and graceful girl I'd ever seen. She was very sweet to me as were the other cast members.

Danny and I got along famously! He was truly a 10 year old with the mind of a 25 year old. He made me laugh all the time, and sometimes when he wasn't supposed to during a scene. But he loved having me around. As a matter of fact I was told that the producers of the show wrote me in a couple more episodes because when I was working, Danny would get into less trouble. (and BOY, could that kid find trouble!)

It truly was a blast working on the show! It was some of the most fun times I remember ever working as a kid.

My husband and I have just finished shooting a film called "40 LARGE" We a looking to take it to independent film festivals. The response we are getting is incredible! I'll let you know later how it is going! But keep your eyes open for it.

I hope you enjoy the script as much as I enjoyed watching the episodes!

Thank you again so much!


Patti Cohoon

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