I, too, was thrilled by the prospect of seeing David Cassidy in person on my last visit to Las Vegas in December 2000.  Without knowing it we were seated in the "select" seats he goes to when he jumps off stage and sings "I Think I Love You" to the women in the audience.  I hadn't taken my eyes off of him during the whole show (I had already warned everyone else at our table not to even TRY to talk to me during the show) and when he jumped down and began looking for someone to "embarrass" I never thought he would wind up on his knees, drenched with perspiration in front of me offering me the chance to sing with him "I Think I Love You" forehead to forehead!  Making good on my promise to "Live in the moment" while I was there I sang with him figuring that his good voice would effectively drown out my own voice, and that I'd never see these people again anyway.  It couldn't have been more than 2 1/2 minutes, but it is something I will remember forever, but in reading all your other fans "Brushes" I feel that somehow what meant so much to me won't even hold a second's notice to him!  I was only one person out of the five he went to in the first show of the night.  Think of how many women he must have sung to and with during the run of the show, and while we aren't necessarily "memorable" to him, he was certainly memorable to us!  Thanks David for MY 2 1/2 minutes of something I never dreamed would happen to me.

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