Hi there!  Here's my brush with velvet.  David Cassidy to be precise.  I can' t remember exactly which year, I think around 1994ish, when he was touring  with a new album.  He was playing at the Bayou in Washington DC.  So I decided to go down to the sound check with my first PF album to get signed.  Since I was about 6 or 7 I wanted the real thing on the front of that cover and I thought, "here's my chance!"  

I got down to the club probably 15minutes before he showed up.  I just saw this lone figure walking towards the me and the club and unmistakably it was him.  All of a sudden I was really nervous, but I thought, I am not going to screw this up by being a teenybopper! 

He walked up and said hi, etc.. So we chatted a bit about the album and he was like, "I suppose you were about 7 years old when you got this album."  ( I felt awful!) but he just laughed and was really cool.  He signed the album and put on a really great show.  I am pretty sure it was the tour with Danny Bonaduce opening for him.

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