Written by Lloyd Turner and Gordon Mitchell
Produced by Paul Junger Witt
Directed by Peter Baldwin
Original Air Date: February 12, 1971

The Partridge Family's concern about manager Reuben Kincaid leads them to believe he needs a wife. After one unsuccessful attempt by Danny, Shirley decides to do some matchmaking of her own. She has a barbecue and invites Reuben and Cathleen D'Arcy, a wealthy cosmetic manufacturer. For Cathleen and Reuben, it's love at first sight, and it isn't long before they announce their marriage plans to the family. Bad news accompanies the good when Reuben tells them that he'll no longer be able to manage the group because Cathleen wants him to handle all of her affairs. He does, however, set up one last booking for the family and after going over the details, he bids a sad farewell to Shirley an the kids.

When the family arrives in Miami Beach for their show, everything starts to go wrong -- their hotel room is too small, the new press agent never shows up and there's a dispute over their contract. Danny, who was the most upset about losing their manager, decides to take over and phones Reuben for advice. After the conversation, Cathleen becomes annoyed when Reuben laughingly recalls some of the good times he's had with the family. The next night, before the performance, there's a knock on the door. To the Partridges' surprise -- and delight -- it's Reuben! When the family learns that the marriage was called off because of Cathleen's dislike for kids, Reuben is once again bombarded with love and affection from the Partridge Family.

"She'd Rather Have the Rain," music and lyrics by Terry Cashman and T.P.West (on Up To Date)

Guest Cast:
Cathleen D'Arcy --------------------------------- Nancy Malone

Tube Trivia:
- Cathleen D'Arcy was a regular on "Naked City."
- This is the episode where Bonnie Kleinschmidt was first mentioned. 
- Watch closely as the Partridges have their back yard barbecue. This scene was actually filmed on the driveway next door to the "Bewitched" home, which can be seen from certain angles. This home/driveway was used for "Hazel" and "Gidget." The back of the Partridge facade was still dressed for "The Flying Nun." We wouldn't see the back facade until the second season.
- Up To Date was flying off store shelves as this episode aired. It spent 4 weeks at #3 on the Billboard charts, and remained on the chart for over a year! The Partridge Family Album and "I Think I Love You" were both still high on the charts as well. Not bad for a band criticized for being "manufactured pop!"

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