Written by Lloyd Turner and Gordon Mitchell
Produced by Paul Junger Witt
Directed by Ralph Senensky
Original Air Date: February 19, 1971

Keith has a new possession -- a 1952 Hudson -- which is his pride and joy. The car is a lemon, however, and Keith has borrowed money from everyone in the family to make payments and fix it. Danny decides to become his business manager and teach him how to handle money.

Keith can't bring himself to tell Carol, his girlfriend, that he is broke. Instead, he takes her to a kiddie show and gives her home-made popcorn. She tries to get Keith to tell her the truth, but when he refuses she runs away hurt. As Keith tries to follow her in the car -- it breaks down again!

Shirley suggests that Keith get a job to make extra money. He first becomes a trainee to a plumber, but can't quite get the knack of plumbing. Then he tries to learn to be a salesman of a vegetable slicer, but ends up buying the slicer for his mother. His attempt at a newspaper route ends disastrously when he sees a beautiful girl walk by.

Keith tells Carl he can't take her to the prom because he is broke, and she understands. He decides, however, to sell the car so that he can pay everyone back and go to the prom. His family is thrilled.

Their happiness doesn't last to long -- Keith comes home with a $50 motorcycle and asks to borrow money to fix it up!

"You Are Always On My Mind," music and lyrics by Tony Romeo (on Up To Date)

Guest Cast:
Carol -------------------------------------------- Annette O'Toole
Pitchman ---------------------------------------- Carl Ballantine
Mr. Jenkins ------------------------------------- Joseph Perry

Tube Trivia:
- Annette O'Toole has appeared in over 30 motion pictures, including "Superman III," "Smile," "One on One," "King of the Gypsies," "48 Hours," and "Final Justice." She has appeared in dozens of TV series and movies, and is best known for her roles on "Nash Bridges," and the current hit, "Smallville" as Clark Kent's mother, Martha.
- Carl Ballantine is a comedian and magician best known for his role on "McHale's Navy."
- Joseph Perry was also in Episodes 71 and 84.
- GAF used this episode as the basis for their very first Partridge Family View Master, "The Money Manager!"

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