Written by Dale McRaven
Produced by Paul Junger Witt
Directed by Alan Rafkin
Original Air Date: February 26, 1971

The Partridge Family and Reuben are eating in a seedy restaurant in New Mexico when a young girl, Maggie Newton, comes up to them and asks for a ride to Albuquerque. She tells them she is going to see her father who is an archeologist.

After they leave, a patrolman enters the restaurant and asks the waitress if she has seen a young girl. The picture he shows her is of Maggie.

When the bus arrives at a motel, Maggie says good-by and goes on. The patrolman comes up to the motel and tells Shirley he is looking for Maggie and when Shirley and Reuben find Maggie the next day, they ask her why the police are after her. She doesn't tell them the truth but they learn from a sheriff in Kumquist, New Mexico, that Maggie is a runaway -- she lives with her grandparents in Nebraska but runs away every other week to her father in Albuquerque.

Shirley tells the sheriff that she will be responsible for getting Maggie together with her grandparents. She calls them and tells the grandfather to meet her at the airport in Albuquerque. But Maggie has run away again and after the family searches everywhere in the town, they find her hitch-hiking.

The Partridges take Maggie to her father who says he will keep her this time and not let her grandfather take her back. When Shirley brings the grandfather to the house for a confrontation, there is a lot of tension and Shirley is the one who settles the dispute.

They reach an agreement: Maggie will stay with her grandparents while she is going to school and her father during Christmas and summer holidays.

"Point Me In The Direction Of Albuquerque," music and lyrics by Tony Romeo (on The Partridge Family Album)

Guest Cast:
Maggie --------------------------------------------- Laurie Prange
Father ---------------------------------------------- Sandy Kenyon
Grandfather ----------------------------------------- Ian Wolfe
Sheriff ---------------------------------------------- Harry Hickox
Patrolman ------------------------------------------- Stuart Nisbet
Cowboy -------------------------------------------- Dick Wilson

Tube Trivia:
- Laurie Prange has appeared on such series as, "The Waltons," "The Incredible Hulk," "Medical Center," "Hawaii Five-O," "My Three Sons, " "Barnaby Jones," "The Love Boat," "T.J. Hooker," and "Murder, She Wrote."
- Sandy Kenyon was a regular on "Love On A Rooftop" (also created by Bernard Slade).
- Dick Wilson is best remembered as Mr. Whipple in the Charmin Toilet Paper commercials. He frequently played drunks on TV shows, most notably "Bewitched."
- Dale McRaven was the Story Editor for "The Partridge Family." He went on to produce and co-create such shows as "Mork & Mindy," "Laverne & Shirley," and "Perfect Strangers."
- Which came first -- the Partridge or the egg? Or, in this case, the song or the episode? "Point Me In The Direction of Albuquerque" remains one of the Partridge Family's most remembered songs. In fact, an entire episode was written around it! According to writer Tony Romeo, he got the idea one night while at a newspaper stand in New York City. There, he spotted a young girl waiting all alone -- and a song was born!

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