Written by Martin Ragaway
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Richard Kinon
Original Air Date: September 24, 1971

In order to boost publicity for the family, Reuben comes up with the idea for a contest -- the Bopper Beat Magazine Contest -- in which the winner would spend a week with the Partridges. Keith is hoping the winner would be young and beautiful, as part of the prize is a date with him.

Unfortunately, Reuben comes in with Gloria Neugast, the winner of the contest -- and a 60-year old Jewish mother! In no time at all, Mrs. Neugast is cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, helping the kids with their homework and teaching Laurie how to knit! She even talks Keith into taking her to Muldoon's Point where he takes his girlfriends -- and his friends tease him mercilessly.

When Mrs. Neugast brings home a nice single Jewish doctor for Shirley, the family decides that they can't take any more of it. But they don't want to hurt her feelings.

During a recording session, Mrs. Neugast interrupts each time the Partridges are about to begin. She tells Keith his hair is out of place -- then stops the session again to tell Shirley the microphone is blocking her face. They finally finish the song, but after 73 takes!

On the day she is to leave, Mrs. Neugast feigns illness and Shirley decides to let her stay a few more days. It's obvious that she is a lonely woman and needs to care for people. Reuben comes up with the perfect solution -- he finds her a job with a child day care center so that she can worry about as many people as she wants. She is delighted and leaves immediately.

A week later, a letter arrives from Mrs. Neugast and the Partridge family realizes she is not out of their lives. She tells Tracy to stop biting her nails, Keith to dress nicely -- and she tells Shirley she has arranged another date for her with the nice Jewish doctor!

"Echo Valley 2-6809," music and lyrics by Rupert Holmes and Kathy Cooper (on Sound Magazine)

Guest Cast:
Gloria Neugast -------------------------------------- Kay Medford
Bernie Applebaum ---------------------------------- Gerald Hiken
Doris -------------------------------------------------- Monie Ellis
Recording Engineer -------------------------------- Martin Speer
Voice # 1 -------------------------------------------- Dennis Lee Smith
Voice # 2 -------------------------------------------- Scott McCartor

Tube Trivia:
- Bernie Applebaun returns in Episode 63, again played by Gerald Hiken.
- Kay Medford was a regular on "To Rome With Love," "The Dean Martin Show," and starred as Mrs. Brice in "Funny Girl" on Broadway and in the motion picture with Barbra Streisand.
- Martin Speer also played the Recording Engineer in Episodes 31 and 34 and as Lazaar Hannibal in Episode 74.
- "Echo Valley 2-6809" was the intended second single from Sound Magazine, but was overshadowed by David Cassidy's first solo single, "Cherish." While the song was billed as being written by Rupert Holmes and Kathy Cooper, it was actually written by Rupert and Ted Cooper, who asked to have his wife credited instead.
- Life imitates art, as an actual contest was created for one lucky winner to spend a week in Hollywood with the Partridges. See Episode 34 for details.

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