Written by Chuck Shyler and Alan Mandel
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Richard Kinon
Original Air Date: October 1, 1971

In a "hippy" fan magazine interview, Keith has blabbed too much about the family, unsettling all of them, especially Laurie. He has said she had a crush on a Harry Murphy but Laurie insists it was a Barry Murphy and it was years ago!

A motorcycle roars outside, the bell rings, and the door is opened to reveal a burly young man in levis, dirty white T-shirt, boots and with an earring in one ear. He announces he is Harry "Snake" Murphy and is looking for the chick who is crazy about him. When Laurie explains the mistake, Snake laughs and admits he came on a dare. If Laurie will give him her autograph -- on his bare chest --he will shove off. Reuben comes in carrying a twisted wire lawn flamingo which he says some idiot ran over with a motorcycle, but when he spots Snake he drops that line and gushes about the beautiful machine he saw on the front lawn.

In the following weeks Snake roars his motorbike right in and out of Laurie's life. She refuses to talk to him but during a rehearsal of the family's latest number, "Listen To The Sound," Shirley sees that Laurie's mind is far far away and suggests she and Snake should have a talk. Laurie returns from the talk saying Snake is very sensitive, and has written a poem about her, and she has invited him to the school prom. An uneasy family watch Laurie and Snake leave for the dance. Snake has abandoned his usual weird outfit and is wearing normal clothes, but they are obviously far out-dated and no longer fit. When the couple return to a still apprehensive family they are a bit disheveled. Snake has been taunted by two varsity football players and has licked them both, but one of the stray punches has floored Laurie. However they have decided their two worlds do not mix, he has given Laurie his earring and they are calling it quits. Several weeks later a package arrives for Laurie. It contains an almost new wire lawn-flamingo and a sweetish poem that, among other things, warns Laurie that the flamingo is "hot."

"Listen To The Sound," music and lyrics by John Michael Hill (Unreleased on commercial LP)

Guest Cast:
Snake ------------------------------------------------- Rob Reiner
Mr. Koolic -------------------------------------------- Bryan O'Byrne
Quinton ----------------------------------------------- Michael Gregory
Geek -------------------------------------------------- Henry Olek
Fran --------------------------------------------------- Sandi Schrader
Adonis #1 --------------------------------------------- Mark Malmborg
Adonis #2 --------------------------------------------- Bobby Griffin

Tube Trivia:
- Rob Reiner is best known for his portrayal of Michael "Meathead" Stivic on "All in the Family." He is a well-known director of such films as "Stand By Me," "This Is Spinal Tap," "When Harry Met Sally," "An American President," and "A Few Good Men." He was married to Penny Marshall and is the son of Carl Reiner.
- Snake returns in Episode 54.
- Bryan O'Bryne also appeared as Snake's father in Episode 54.
- Henry Olek also appeared in Episodes 54 and 88.
- "Cherish," David Cassidy's first solo single was in stores when this episode aired. It reaches #9 on the Billboard charts on November 13.

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