Written by Peggy Chandler Dick
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Lou Antonio
Original Air Date: December 31, 1971

Reuben and the Partridges stop off for a picnic on the way home as they unwind after several weeks on the road. At the picnic spot they meet Jenny, a free spirit, just traveling around doing her thing. The Partridges strike up a friendship with Jenny and she goes home with them and stays for a few days.

Jenny, however, is really very wealthy and before she hits the road again she leaves he Partridge family a bank book containing one million dollars! The kids are thrilled with this unexpected windfall but Shirley is skeptical and wants to return the gift. Shirley calls the police to have them find Jenny. In the meantime, the family is having a hard time handling their new wealth.

The Partridges go back to their picnic spot and find Jenny there. They give back the money and return to their normal lifestyle.

"It's Time That I Knew You Better," music and lyrics by Terry Cashman and T. P. West (unreleased on commercial LP) (Available on the CD "David Cassidy's Partridge Family Favorites")

Guest Cast:
Jenny -------------------------------------------- Meredith Baxter
Mr. Belson -------------------------------------- Herb Rudley
Policeman --------------------------------------- Richard X. Slattery
Palmer ------------------------------------------ Val Bisoglio
Sir Guy ------------------------------------------ Donald Phelps
Telephone Man ---------------------------------- Mel Gallagher
Model # 1 --------------------------------------- Carroll Roebke
Model # 2 --------------------------------------- Sue Linden

Tube Trivia:
- Meredith Baxter is best known as Bridget in "Bridget Loves Bernie," and Elyse Keaton in "Family Ties." She is the daughter of actress Whitney Blake ("Hazel").
- Val Bisoglio was a regular on "Quincy, M.E." starring Jack Klugman.
- "It's One Of Those Nights (Yes, Love)" hits Number 20 on the Billboard charts the week this episode aired. It stayed on the charts for 6 weeks!

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