Written by Richard Bensfield and Perry Grant
Directed by Larry Rosen
Directed by Jerry London
Original Air Date: January 7, 1972

Chris and Tracy have left the kitchen a mess (again) and Shirley scolds them. Chris suggests to Tracy that they ought to run away. Using "reverse psychology", Shirley says they should wait till morning after a good night's sleep.

After rehearsal the next day, Chris and Tracy pick up a few prized possessions and announce they are going to run away. Shirley tells them they had better pack a suitcase as they'll need a change of clothes and a jacket for the night. She is convinced they will get only as far as half a block, stop into a neighbor's house for brownies and come back.

However, the kids leave the neighbor's house and go to Reuben's apartment by taxi. There is chaos as Chris lets in a sheepdog which gives Reuben an allergic reaction and Tracy overflows the bubblebath.

As Reuben's luck would have it, Bonnie Kleinschmitt shows up that night with a bottle of champagne and plans to stay with Reuben. It seems she switched flights with another stewardess and is free. When she sees the kids, Reuben tells her to give him an hour and they will be gone. She leaves and Reuben starts to play blackjack with them -- saying that the losers would go home.

Meanwhile, Shirley can't wait any longer -- she packs a bag and goes over to Reuben's, pretending that she has decided to run away. She says she is tired of being the ogre and she has no one to take care of. After all, mothers need to be loved too. Chris and Tracy feel very bad and tell her that they will come home. (In fact, they would have gone home hours ago, but Mr. Kincaid made them play blackjack!)

To add insult to injury, Bonnie Kleinschmitt calls to tell Reuben she is in Seattle because she had to fill in for a stewardess who became ill, stifling any plans Reuben had for a romantic evening.

"I Would Have Loved You Anyway," music and lyrics by Tony Romeo (on Sound Magazine)
"Summer Days," music and lyrics by Tony Romeo (on Sound Magazine)

Guest Cast:
Bonnie Kleinschmitt --------------------------------- Elaine Giftos

Tube Trivia
- This episode marks the first appearance of Elaine Giftos as Bonnie Kleinschmitt. She also appeared in Episodes 68, 79, and 80. She was a regular on "The Interns".
- Reuben is allergic to sheep dogs, yet no mention was made of that fact in previous episodes with the Partridge pooch, Simone.
- The song "Summer Days" also appeared in Episode # 32, with the exact same footage seen in this episode. The song was originally planned as a solo single for David Cassidy, who re-recorded it for his "Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes" LP.

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