Written by Martin Cohan
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Jerry London
Original Air Date: January 21, 1972

Keith is envious of his friend Archie, who seems to be enjoying an independent bachelor life with his own apartment and all of the trimmings. Naturally, Keith wouldn't mind that kind of life. So, he campaigns for permission to move out of the house saying that he needs the solitude to be able to write songs for the group.

Shirley's answer is an emphatic NO! Keith persists and Shirley finally allows him to take a room next door where she can still keep an eye on him. Instead of paying the rent Keith has to do some "light" gardening.

Exhausted from the "light" gardening, Keith has no time to enjoy his independence, let alone write songs. However, he doesn't want to admit defeat so soon. With Danny smuggling him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and clean shirts, Keith manages for a short while.

When a romantic date with a cute coed turns into a party, the fun bachelor life finally gets to Keith and he admits to Shirley that living alone in not at all what he expected. He is happy to come back home.

"Every Song Is You," music and lyrics by Terry Cashman and T. P. West (on Shopping Bag)

Guest Cast:
Vicky --------------------------------------------- Pam Peters
Archie -------------------------------------------- Leigh Webb
Bernie -------------------------------------------- Ric Carrot

Tube Trivia:
- Ric Carrot was a regular on the Saturday Morning series, "Space Academy" starring Jonathan Harris ("Lost in Space").
- The house next door, which Keith moves into was also used as Major Tony Nelson's house in "I Dream of Jeannie," and as Mr. Wilson's house in "Dennis the Menace." To take a tour of the backlot, visit the People and Places section of the website!

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