Written by Bernie Kahn
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Christopher Morgan
Original Air Date: March 17, 1972

Reuben's surprise birthday present for Tracy is a retired show business psychic named Max Ledbetter. Max's performance is looked upon by most of the family as just another act, but Keith is quite impressed and asks Max for a prediction about his upcoming basketball game. When the prediction comes true, Danny decides to capitalize on Max's "powers" by getting some investment tips.

The next day, Danny and Keith visit Max and tell him they want to make an investment. Max, who now owns a bakery which he is about to lose unless he can pay off the bank note, desperately needs an additional $156.00 to make the bank payment. So he goes into his "trance routine" and tells the boys that a family disaster is impending unless they can have $156.00 in his hands by that Friday, which happens to be the day of the next Partridge concert. Danny and Keith try everything -- including a kissing booth -- to raise the money. They even try asking everyone, Reuben included, for a loan -- without telling them why. When everything fails, they pretend, unsuccessfully to be sick, hoping to avoid the predicted disaster by not showing up for the concert.

Finally Shirley puts the pieces together and finds out the reason for their strange behavior. When Shirley confronts Max, he shamefully admits that he only wanted to borrow the money to save his bakery. So Shirley and the kids decide to help him by getting him on the bill with them to play their next concert.

You Don't Have To Tell Me," music and lyrics by Tony Romeo (on Sound Magazine)

Guest Cast:
Max Ledbetter --------------------------------------- John Banner
Coach ------------------------------------------------ Joseph D. Reda
Peterson ---------------------------------------------- Greg Vigan
Thompson -------------------------------------------- Richard Bull

Tube Trivia:
- This is the last episode of the second season. The series finished at #16 in the Neilson ratings.
- This is one of the few episodes to show the Partridges' back yard.
- John Banner is best known for playing Sgt. Schultz on "Hogan's Heroes." This was his last TV appearance. He died in 1973.
- Richard Bull is best known for playing Nels Oleson on "Little House on the Prairie."
- Background vocalist John Bahler sites "You Don't Have To Tell Me" as one of his finest moments as an arranger.
- As the second season was winding down, the Shopping Bag album was released and included a plastic shopping back as a free insert. It hit No. 18 on the U.S. charts on April 1, 1972 and stayed on the charts for 7 weeks.
- In May, Wes Farrell and the Partridge Family musicians and singers reunite in the studio to start recording songs for the "Notebook" album.
- "How Can I Be Sure," David Cassidy's third single, is released in May. It hit #25 on June 10, 1972 and remained on the charts for 5 weeks.
- In June, "At Home With Their Greatest Hits" was released, with one new track, "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do." It will hit #21 on the charts in October and remain on the charts for 20 weeks.
- "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" rises to #26 on July 29, and stayed on the charts for four weeks! It is the Partridge Family's seventh hit single!!
- "Rock Me Baby," David Cassidy's second solo LP was released in July, 1972. It rose to #41 on the US charts.
- Director Christopher Morgan was The Partridge Family's staff assistant director. He is the son of actor Harry Morgan (M*A*S*H*, Dragnet).
- TV Guide featured an article on David Cassidy's concert tour in their August 14-20 issue. To read it, click here!

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