Written by Dale McRaven
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Richard Kinon
Original Air Date: September 15, 1972

As part of a school experiment, the guys are learning to cook and sew, while the girls study self-defense and shop. So at home, when Keith half-teasingly states that women are inferior, Laurie proposes a contest: she has to fix a flat tire and Keith must bake buttermilk pancakes. Keith's pancakes are a disaster. He suggests another contest where he must create a spinach soufflé and Laurie must fix gapping spark plugs. Again, Laurie wins. The next day she announces the results to all the kids and the word gets around to Goose Walrath -- the school killer. He viciously insults Keith about having lost to a girl, and is about to sock him in the jaw when Laurie grabs Goose's arm and flips him over her hip. Everyone is amazed, especially Laurie, and the only one more humiliated than Keith is Goose.

At this point, Goose is seriously out to get Keith, who now travels home from school through back alleys for protection. Finally he meets up with Goose at the city's Anniversary Festival, where the family is appearing. When Keith absolutely refuses to fight, his adversary is so impressed with the show of bravery that he backs off and there is no fight.

"God Bless You Girl," Music and Lyrics by Irwin Levine and L. Russell Browne (unreleased on commercial LP)

Guest Cast:
Goose ------------------------------------- James Carroll Jordan
1st Biker ----------------------------------- David Jolliffe
Guy ---------------------------------------- Tim Patrick
Girl ----------------------------------------- Cindy Cassell

Tube Trivia:
- David Jolliffe appeared on "Room 222" and toured in Shaun Cassidy's band.
- Take note of the denim jacket worn by David Jolliffe. It will reappear in 4 more episodes, worn by Snake (Stuart Margolin).
- Dale McRaven was the Story Editor for "The Partridge Family." He wrote 16 episodes for The Partridge Family. He went on to produce and co-create such shows as "Mork & Mindy," "Laverne & Shirley," and "Perfect Strangers."
- Larry Rosen created the series, "Mr. Merlin," and "Jennifer Slept Here."
- This is the featured episode on the second View Master set, "The Male Chauvinist."
- Click here to see the call sheet for this episode!

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