Written by Susan Silver
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Lee Philips
Original Air Date: October 20, 1972

Shirley makes an appointment with Dr. Beecher, the school psychologist, who informs her that Danny's behavior in class is quite disruptive. In order to find out what is bothering him, Dr. Beecher suggests that Shirley be very permissive with her son, and watch closely how he handles his freedom. At home, Danny quickly takes advantage of Shirley's mysterious change of attitude. He is permitted to stay up late to watch the talk shows on TV, stay home from school, and forces Keith's and Laurie's friends to focus their attention on him.

Shirley returns to Dr. Beecher in desperation, for the other kids feel very hostile towards Danny. The doctor realizes that Danny badly wants to identify with the "big kids" -- Laurie and Keith. To try to cure him of this she suggests giving Danny all the responsibilities that go along with being an adult. It takes going on a double date with Keith to erase all thoughts of being grown-up from Danny's mind. While Keith and his date sit around talking and making eyes at each other, what Danny and his girlfriend Gloria really want to do is climb trees and run races. The two younger kids are finally so bored that this is exactly what they do -- even though it isn't "mature." At this point, Danny realizes that he wants to hang on to his youth a little while longer.

"Am I Losing You," music and lyrics by Irwin Levine and L. Russell Brown (on Shopping Bag)

Guest Cast:
Dr. Beecher -------------------------------------- Charlotte Rae
Richard ------------------------------------------- Bruce Kimmel
Molly ---------------------------------------------- Maggie Wellman
Gloria --------------------------------------------- Patti Cohoon

Tube Trivia:
- Charlotte Rae is best known for the role of Edna Garrett on "Diff'rent Strokes" and "The Facts of Life."
- Bruce Kimmel also appeared in Episodes 32, 47, 74, and 81. He also wrote "The First Nudie Musical."
- Patti Cohoon also appeared as Gloria Hickey in Episode 46. She portrayed Cathy Apple on "Apple's Way."
- "Am I Losing You" was the Partridge Family's sixth single! Released in March, 1972, it peaked at a disappointing #59 on the Billboard charts in April, 1972.

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