Written by William S. Bickley
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Jerry London
Original Air Date: March 3, 1972

Laurie is humiliated since she has just been elected Miss Dill Pickle. As she is leaving for the ceremony, Marvin -- the high school editor who has always been very hostile to Laurie -- comes by to pick up the Partridges' gifts for the celebrity auction at school.

Marvin teases Laurie about being a pickle and Laurie leaves in anger -- telling Danny to give Marvin her brown shoebox with her ballet slippers for the auction. By mistake, Danny gives Marvin her tan shoebox -- which just happens to contain her diary! When Laurie finds out she is mortified -- and she is convinced Marvin will publish the diary in the school paper.

Laurie asks Keith and Danny to get her diary back before Marvin discovers what he has. They arrive too late -- Marvin knows what's in the shoebox. Laurie decides she must get it back herself.

Recruiting Keith and Danny's aid again, Laurie decides she will break into the building and steal the diary. She has a series of mishaps where she is almost caught by a policeman, where she struggles and climbs through a window only to find the front door open, and where she climbs through an air vent only to come back into the same room -- and Keith and Danny look on and laugh!

Meanwhile, Marvin drops by the Partridges and Shirley has a talk with him. She learns that Marvin really likes Laurie but doesn't think she could ever like him. He admits that he never would have published her diary -- he couldn't even bring himself to read it. He and Shirley go to the school to get it back and there they find the three Partridges hiding under a table. The day is saved and Laurie gets her diary back.

"It's One Of Those Nights (Yes Love)," music and lyrics by Tony Romeo (on Shopping Bag)

Guest Cast:
Marvin -------------------------------------------- Bruce Kimmel
Policeman ----------------------------------------- Gordon Jump

Tube Trivia:
- Bruce Kimmel played 5 different boyfriends in 5 different episodes. He also appeared in Episodes 32, 55, 74, and 81.
- Gordon Jump also appeared in Episodes 34, 56, 62, 78, and 87.
- Growing tired of his teen-idol image which he hoped to change, David Cassidy posed nude for the March issue of Rolling Stone magazine -- on store shelves as this episode aired.
- "It's One Of Those Nights (Yes Love)" became the hit single from the Shopping Bag album. It hit # 20 on January 1, 1972, and stayed on the U.S. charts for six weeks.

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