Written by Lloyd Turner and Gordon Mitchell
Produced by Mel Swope
Directed by Ernest Losso
Original Air Date: February 2, 1974

Laurie's girlfriend, Frankie, tries out for the varsity basketball team and shows a great deal of ability. When the coach turns her down because of her sex, not judging her skill, both girls are indignant. Keith and Danny kid Laurie about it and she argues that men think of women as objects capable only of being cheerleaders or homecoming queens. Laurie becomes even more upset when Reuben suggests she run for homecoming queen.

Shirley later convinces Laurie to enter the contest because if she does win, people will listen to what she has to say. Keith and Danny overhear the plan and do a little scheming of their won: they convince handsome Jerry Bishop to run against Laurie. After all, if a girl can try out for basketball, a guy can run for homecoming queen.

The night of the contest Laurie wins the title and Jerry is chosen as first runner-up. Laurie thanks everyone who voted for her, but declines the honor. She tells the shocked audience that the contest is just another way of turning women into objects. She wanted to win in order to tell people that women want to be judged by their merits whether as teachers, lawyers, or basketball players. When she finishes her speech and turns her crown over to Jerry, Laurie is surprised by a resounding applause. Later the family, including Keith and Danny, admit how proud they are of her actions.

"Money, Money," music and lyrics by Wes Farrell, Danny Janssen, and Bobby Hart (on Bulletin Board)

Guest Cast:
Frankie Kirkwood ------------------------------------- Tracy Brooks Swope
Coach ------------------------------------------------- Ken Swofford
Jerry Bishop ------------------------------------------- Chris Beaumont
Emcee ------------------------------------------------- Ty Henderson
Judy Greitzer ------------------------------------------ Melissa O'Mahoney
Boy # 1 ----------------------------------------------- Stuart Getz
Boy # 2 ----------------------------------------------- Christopher Man
Boy # 3 ----------------------------------------------- Derrell Maury

Fun Fact:  Tracy Brooks Swope (Frankie)  is Mel Swope's daughter. 

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