The Fourth Season

The PF's home has been redecorated and refurnished. The piano is against a different wall in the living room, the kitchen has new wallpaper, and there's new carpeting on the staircase. Keith is a freshman at San Pueblo College, Reuben has grown a mustache and mutton-chop sideburns, Danny has gone through puberty and now parts his red hair down the middle, and a four-year-old next door neighbor, Ricky Stevens, occasionally sings with the Partridges. Famous guest stars in the fourth season include Harold Gould, Margaret Hamilton, Cheryl Ladd, Richard Mulligan, Maureen Reagan, and George Chakiris.

Episode 75: Hate Thy Neighbor

Episode 76: None but the Lonely

Episode 77: Beethoven, Brahms, and Partridge

Episode 78: The Strike-out King

Episode 79: Reuben Kincaid Lives

Episode 80:Double Trouble

Episode 81: The Last of Howard

Episode 82: The Diplomat

Episode 83: Heartbreak Keith

Episode 84: A Day of Honesty

Episode 85: Al in the Family

Episode 86: Made in San Pueblo

Episode 87: Art for Mom's Sake

Episode 88: Two For the Show

Episode 89: Danny Drops Out

Episode 90: Queen for a Minute

Episode 91: Danny Converts

Episode 92: Miss Partridge, Teacher

Episode 93: Keith and Lauriebelle

Episode 94: Morning Becomes Electric

Episode 95: Pin it on Danny

Episode 96: . . . _ _ _ . . . (S. O. S)


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