Written by Richard Bensfield and Perry Grant
Produced by Mel Swope
Directed by Bob Claver
Original Air Date: March 23, 1974

Shirley's memories of a high school romance are stirred when Navy Capt. Charles Corwin arrives in town. She sees the Captain's picture in the newspaper and recognizes him as "Cuddles," an old flame.

Laurie invites the Captain to dinner. He and Shirley are happy to see each other again, and the kids are favorably impressed -- except for Danny. He is upset by the Captain's romantic reminiscences.

When Keith and Danny overhear part of a phone conversation, they think Capt. Corwin has a girl in every port, and their mother will get hurt. So, when Shirley and the Captain go out the next evening, Danny and Keith are in hot pursuit in the family bus -- all the way to Muldune's Point!

"Roller Coaster," music and lyrics by Mark James (on Bulletin Board)

Guest Cast:
Captain Chuck "Cuddles" Corwin ------------------------ George Chakiris

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