meeting suzanne crough 

I met Suzanne Crough one night outside a local drinking establishment, and
from the very first conversation, I have never met anyone who had the quick
sense of humor, passion for life and zeal for excitement as she. 

Several weeks later our paths crossed again
while I was celebrating my friend's birthday. Suzanne
remembered my name, which was strange since in the L.A. area, I was
one of the plain people.  Suzanne even stayed at our table for several
minutes to wish my friend a happy birthday, which I thought was very nice. 
Later that night I saw her as she walked across the parking lot of the night
club and I decided that since she had been so nice and charming that evening,
I would walk her to her car. 

While escorting Suzanne to her car, I reached
inside myself  and found the courage that I have been lacking so many times
in my life and asked Suzanne for the phone number to her publisher or agent. 
She quickly replied , "Why?"  Now I was stuck! Do I say, "Sorry, I didn't mean to
say that." Instead, I told her that I would like to talk about what it was like
to be a child star.  Suzanne, in a very polite tone, said,  "Well, we can talk
now".  Of course, not having any questions on the top of my head, I replied
that maybe we could get together and have lunch.  Suzanne replied that she
didn't eat lunch. Once again, I thought this was a very polite way of
saying thanks to being escorted across the parking lot but, No Thanks. 

I took a few more steps and to my amazement she asked why I wanted her
phone number (in actuality I asked for her agent's).  I then reached into the
quiver of courage and swiftly told her that I might want to take her to the
movies. Her reply was "What movie."  Now, as I stood in the middle of this
parking lot, I realized that I was getting a little ribbing from Suzanne.
Since I was now representing the male gender I couldn't stand not to
dish a little bit back.   I told her that I wasn't familiar with the current
movie listing for the entire L.A. area but if I could get a phone number I
would call in the morning with all the movies playing. 

Needless to say, she gave me her phone number even though I asked for the
agent's number and ....well, we are celebrating fourteen years of marriage and have
two of the most  wonderful children.

One of the most promising things that Suzanne has confided to me was the
relationship or should I say the respect that she holds for Shirley Jones.  I
was able to meet Shirley and Marty and to this day I have never met a person
with the persona that Shirley has.  When Shirley is in the room everyone can
feel her presence. It is just amazing. Now I know where Suzanne
learned to be charming.

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