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True-life stories of PF Meetings and/or Sightings

OK, it's time to start submitting YOUR true-life tales of Partridge meetings with us (and, well, the rest of the world!) - that's right, tell us your very own Brush with Velvet tale -- in your own words!

Put on your thinking caps and get ready to tell us all about that time you saw Susan Dey in the grocery store...or attended a Shirley Jones gig in Vegas...or had your dog groomed right next to Simone! We want to hear all the velvety details!

Submit your tales to The Mistress of the Velvet and we'll get them posted ASAP.

And now, read about other folks' real-life... BRUSH... WITH... VELVET!! (ooh!)

But first... The Ultimate Brush With Velvet!
Read how Suzanne Crough and her husband met!

Just click a name and read a story!

A Plethora of Partridges:
tales of multi-meetings :-)

Dorese - Danny, David and Brian

Gilmore - Shirly, David, Susan, and Dave

Margie - David and Brian

Scott - Shirley, David, and Dave

Joanne - Danny and Jeremy

Meeting Shirley

Brad - Shirley in Kansas

Cathy - See you at the Oscars!

Kevin - Not once, but Twice

Meeting Susan

Tim - On the set with Susan

Meeting Danny

JGawenus - Shooting a commercial

Patti - Danny at the Legs Contest

Rob - Partying with Danny

Keenan - Cub Scouts

Meeting Brian

Chris - Chris at the cat show

Marcie - Wine with Brian

Robin - Brian answers mail

Meeting Suzanne

Andrea - Shopping with Suzanne

Meeting Dave

Adrienne - Dave at David's Concert!

Mark - Do you want fries with that?


Meeting David

Alex - David at The Copa

Amy - Is this your pen?

Audrey - David on Regis & Kathy Lee

"Baxxtah" - My 2 1/2 Minutes!

Brian - I was speechless

Cheryl - Fan for Life

Christi - Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Christine - More Copa Tales

Hedy - Working with David

Jen B. - David Does Dallas

Jennifer - Inside David's dressing room

John T. - It's not even who you know

Juan - Meeting in Minneapolis

Judith - A stage door encounter

Judy - Viva Las Vegas!

Kathryn - See you at the fair

Keri - I won't blow it up!

Laura - Lunch with David

Laurie - I Socked It To David!

Leslie - At Toads in New Haven

Lynn - Fly me to . . . New York

Megan - David: Then and Now

Nicole - David's youngest fan

Steve - The many moods of David - pt. 2

Sue, Lynne, and Christine - Inside David's Dressingroom - pt. 2

Susan & Alexa - The next generation

Tracy - David left me speechless - pt. 2

Trixi - David at the Bayou

Vickie - Dancing with David

Wendy - Two meetings!


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