I went to see David Cassidy in concert a few weeeks ago at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Florida. During the show David started reminscing about the Partridge Family. And duringt he reminiscing he announced that Dave Madden a.k.a Reuben Kinkade was in the audience. I turned around only to find thta he was 4 rows behind me. Of course, being the self-respecting fan I am, I got up and went over to him, and got his autograph. I then went backto my seat to concentrsate on David,lol. But all during the show people kept coming up to him He gave autographs and told stories,lol. After the show David left(I had hoped he'd stick around and do autographs but alas), so anothyer woman and I went back over to Dave Madden and asked if we could take pictures with him. He said yes without hesitation. He was such a nice guy. It was so cool to get to meet someone who's a piece of T.V. history.

And that's my brush with velvet.

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