I have had two encounters with David Cassidy. One was a sighting, the other a brief meeting.

Lost 45's -- Here in Boston, there is a radio show called Lost 45's, hosted by a a wonderful 70's baby named Barry Scott. Well, about 1991-92, THE MAN was visiting town to promote his upcoming concert, and he arrived at a local club to meet and greet. I, like many others, was thrilled to see him back on the scene after so many years. It didn't take long for me to determine the demographics of the crowd. It was about 90% in touch with reality, and about 10%...well, ...not. David greeted the crowd - and we were all surprised that he was a small guy - very slight. He then settled at a table to sign autographs. Almost immediately, a woman - a very large woman - began shrieking and running through the crowd. "DAVID, DAVID!" she sobbed. Her friends, to no avail, tried to catch her. Others were quite aggressive - but they all paled in comparison. As I waited in line, a woman behind me commented that she was ashamed on behalf of her gender. It was then decided to take David to a separate room to meet fans one at a time. Was super-fan deterred? No! She persued him up the stairs, through the crowd, shrieking all the way, her friends in hot, yet doomed, persuit. Well, sadly, this autograph session did not last long. Barry's entreaties to the crowd for calm did not work. David was sufficiently freaked out that he decided he'd had enough. I didn't blame him. I had had enough! He left via the fire escape. I was right beside him as he left. A security person (who was like, 12) said, "Please back up, ma'am!" I said, "Don't worry! I am not going to DO anything!" He nodded, and David slipped out the door. The next week I went to the concert, and David was wonderful, in spite of having a terrible case of the flu.

Is This Your Pen? -- After a performance of Blood Brothers in NYC, I actually met David - and Shaun too. There was a Broadway Cares Auction on behalf of AIDS and, although I missed David then, Shaun cheerfully tried to get me to buy his greatest Hits CD. David emerged from the stage door after the show, obviously exhausted, yet very gracious. He signed my playbill, then looked me in the eye and said - swear to God - "Is this your pen?" I momentarily heard, "Will you have my baby?", shook my head, and replied, "No, it is hers..." I floated on air for the rest of the weekend, and to this day, my friends will ask,"Is this your pen?" "Is this YOUR pen?" "Is THIS your pen?" "Is this your PEN?"


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