Oh, I'd say it was back in '72 or '73, I was at least 12 yrs old at the time. Suzanne Crough made an appearance at our local department store to sign autographs. I went, stood in line, listened to the Partridge Family music the store was playing through the loudspeakers while it was announced Suzanne was there, and got my autograph. A little while later, Suzanne took a break, browsed through the toy section where I happened to be, and decided to buy that "Barrel of Monkeys" thing that was so popular back then. I remember her telling me that she was sick of hearing the Partridge music through the loudspeakers. I'm sure we spoke on other topics since I walked alone with her around the store, but that's all I can clearly remember! Not too long after Suzanne's appearance, Brian Forster came and signed autographs at the same Dept. Store. I went, stood in line, and got my autograph and remember thinking how differently his nose looked in person. But then, at that time, I was still debating whether or not if he was the better "Chris" than Jeremy and I was much more critical of every little thing. --Andrea

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