The only Partridge I ever met face to face was David.  The only Partridge I
would ever want to meet is David, so there you have it!!  I am a humongous fan of the TV show, and I've had a huge crush on David and the music of the show for as long as I can remember. I was born in 1964, so David's pretty much been in my head since Friday nights when his show first aired, AFTER the Brady Bunch! Can you imagine... the Partridge Family and Brady Bunch being on the Friday night line up for TV.. and I was there!! I have all the records and eventually all the cassettes and when the TV show was available, I bought those too. 

I remember being 24 years old and my car was broken into and the thief took
all my music but left me all the Partridge Family music on my car seat. Trust
me, I was THRILLED!  About 10 or so years ago The Partridge Family reruns were on TV and during the marathon I sat there taping EVERY episode. I had ALL the episodes and I painted the boxes and kept them in a special place and I watched them all the time. Six years ago I had a fire in my home and they were all destroyed, so today I'm buying the DVDs the minute they come out. 

I've seen Blood Brothers on Broadway and sat there in a HAZE, just staring at
him and have no idea what this guy does to me!  But my BRUSH with VELVET happened when I was in my 30's and David was at a Tape/CD signing at a record store near where I work. Of course I took the morning off, got in line and waited. My friends thought I was nuts, but there were over 100 NUTSY women, just like me, in line, so all was ok. By the time I got up to David I just told him how much I loved his music and the Partridge Family show and have seen him in concert and that I was a big fan from way back when and forever onwards. David was so nice and actually spent a while talking to me, asking me questions, telling me things. He was very funny and very down to earth and VERY interested in what I had to say. A little flirting went on when I asked him to sign my cassette and CD cover because I also asked him to sign my upper arm. He laughed and we talked about various places he's signed women's bodies! Then he said THINK OF ME IN THE SHOWER WHEN YOU WASH IT OFF. 

My reply was something mixed up of nerves and whatever saying I always think
of him when I'm in the shower. Anyway, I got a hug, kiss and lots of signatures from the man I've had a crush on since I was a little girl on that first Friday night when the show aired. I have to say that meeting David was the most exciting 10 minutes I've ever had. I ran back to work, SKIPPING and smiling and OH my god in love all over again and showed everyone my arm and I felt like a teenager saying I would never wash that arm again. I did, of course, wash my arm, only his signature lasted over 2 weeks, so it was really cool.

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