At 7:30 on April 6th, 2000, I sat trembling with excitement- my husband
tried to make small talk with me but I was too nervous to speak. We were sitting in the middle of the floor, close to the front-table 18. I looked around and saw that I was directly in the line if he came down the stairs stage left. then I heard someone crying behind me to a Rio employee "When I was 13 he canceled his concert and I almost didn't get tickets for tonight- today's my birthday and I would just love it if I could get this album signed..." I poked my husband and whispered, "Listen to the dark haired lady behind me- you thought I was out of control." For three months now I have endured relentless teasing from my husband, my four kids, and even my best girlfriends about David Cassidy. They all told me that I would make a scene or faint or do something embarrassing. Now was the moment of truth-could I handle seeing him "Live"? The show started and I was ready to rock-but the audience was dead. Everyone clapped politely when "Old black magic" was being sung. I wanted to scream but I held back. David came out and made a comment about how quiet everyone was- he worked the audience and got us all to start snapping our fingers ("Fever" had already got me in the mood) an I started hooting and hollering. I think everyone was thrown by the "story within a story" plot. They didn't know if they were to respond to David Cassidy or sit back and watch Johnny Flamingo. Later David came out and apologized to the audience because two microphones had blown on stage during the performance. I yelled out "We love you anyway" and another lady yelled something out. He responded "sing what?" and a deep, burly, male voice came from the audience rang out " I think I love you". David started giggling and said " Well sir that's nice but..." we all laughed, " I mean I'm flattered but.." more laughter, "Maybe we could be pals." He kept giggling and even slapped his own face to compose himself. He sang " I think I love you" and came out in the audience off of stage right (darn it) One woman ran up and kissed him and another strategically placed herself in his path. My husband teased " Honey don't get up." David walked farther back asking "Who can I embarrass?" my husband pointed to me. The trio at the table next to me yelled out "Over here, over here" and pointed to the dark haired woman who was so distraught earlier. He walked over and she handed him her "Cherish" album, he held it up so the whole audience could see, smirked so we all would laugh, signed her album and kissed her on the head and moved on. I was snapping pictures like crazy and yelled out "Happy birthday" to her (Later I got her address so if the picture i took with her comes out i can send it to her). By the time my trembling hands put the camera down I realized he had already ascended the steps toward the stage. He walked 2 feet in front of me and I didn't take advantage of it. If I would have stood he probably would have come over to me. A blonde woman stood with a paper in her hand (She probably wanted an autograph too) and he asked her "Do you want to sing with me?" she shook her head and they danced briefly. I looked over at the birthday girl and then at my husband and realized I was a lucky girl tonight. I got closer than I ever thought I would to David Cassidy (a 23 year old dream come true) and I was going home with a sexy, patient, understanding man who is truly my best friend. When David sang "Do dreams come true, if they do I have you, not just for tonight but for my whole life through," I sang them into my husband's ear. The show was great! I had a great time singing and clapping along with the music. I felt that Sheena didn't seem happy to be there- don't get me wrong she sang beautifully and really gave it her all- I just felt that she was being very professional and David was having a blast! Any twinges of jealousy disappeared when I came home and told my 9 year old son how I stayed in my seat and watched David walk by. He smiled proud that his mom had behaved herself!

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