I went to the Copa show on March 26 and March 28, 2000.  I was in the third
row for the first show and it was great!  My "brush" came during the second
show.  I was seated at the bottom of the stairs David comes down to go
through the audience.  He hugged the woman right across the stairs and then
turned around and saw me standing up, waiting for a hug.  He hugged me (sigh) and I sat down again, knowing he was going to move on through the audience. He looked at my shirt and said to me, "Stand up, Darlin'!"  He took my right hand and I stood with him in the spotlight!  He then said to the audience, "Look at her shirt!"  I was wearing the black Partridge Family shirt with the birds and "cmon get happy" on the front.  He smiled and then hugged my sister, Michelle, and moved on through the audience.  It was something I'll never forget!  By the way, he smelled great!  :)

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