Danny Bonaduce was a radio personality in Chicago from 1994 until 1996, or so. When he first came to town, I decided that I HAD to meet him. At that time, he was doing stand-up comedy quite regulary, and was appearing at local comedy clubs. So, one night I bought tickets for not one, but all of his shows for a weekend set he was doing (he usually did two shows a night).

After the first set on the first night I went to introduce myself. He knew who I was because I had already called into his radio show a few times. He was sort of impressed with my ability to make him laugh.

Ok, so I met Danny during his comedy gig. He thought it was great that I bought tickets for all of his shows and talked about it on the air the following Monday. We became friends.

Then Blood Brothers came to town. Danny was hosting a mini-reunion luncheoun on Shaun Cassidy's birthday (though I loved the Partridge's,  I ADORED Shaun. And though Shaun was not touring with the show, I thought that I would be great to meet David on Shaun's birthday!). David was the guest of honor. And Danny was running a contest on his show to let a select number of listeners attend. So I asked Danny if I could come to the lunch. My sister and I had already purchased tickets for Blood Brothers, but wanted terribly to meet David. That we did. David signed autographs and took pictures with everyone at the luncheon.

Later down the line, Danny got an opportunity to host his own daytime talk show, "Danny!". Well, needless to say, I got tickets to go to the show many times. One time, On the 25th anniversary of the Partridge Family, Brian Forster, Suzanne Crough, Shirley Jones, and Dave Madden came to town to appear on "Danny!". I did not attend that show, but later that afternoon, Danny and Brian were going to drop by a local bar for a brief personal appearance. Danny asked me to come by. I got to meet Brian Forster that day. He gave me an autographed picture of himself dressed in his racing gear, standing next to his race car. Yes, he's now racing cars.

Danny has since moved to Detroit where he's the on-air personality for a hit morning radio show, which has just recently been picked up for syndication in New York. I had a great time during the period that he worked here, in Chicago, and I got to know him, his wife Gretchen, and his daughter, Isabella and most of his radio and TV show's staff.

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