I think I may be the only Partridge Fan to meet just about every cast member face to face (Not counting those who actually worked the show back in the 70's)...

SHIRLEY JONES: I got to meet Shirley Jones for a luncheon up in Sacramento. I think I was the only person under 60 years of age (there were 20 of us). We got to see her perform and then go to lunch and ask her questions about her life, career & family. Due to the fact I was the only one from the Partridge generation, I got ALL of my questions answered. Some of her tales of working the Partridge Family were unhappy - it killed her movie career. The show was supposed to be about a mother who joins her children's rock band and her life as a single mother. She had no idea that David would be such a big hit and eventually the show would become his. Shirley even signed my "LIFE" magazine cover with her from Carousel on it. She was just as charming as I had hoped she would be.

DAVID CASSIDY: Other than his book signing, I got to meet David in a more relaxed environment. I went into an Italian Restaurant in North Hollywwod to get a menu for an upcoming Birthday Party. I was standing at the front counter and suddenly I hear, "You've got to be kidding?" I turn and I see David looking at my chest. I look down. I couldn't have planned this moment if I tried. I just happened to be wearing my white Partridge Family T-shirt with the Family musical notes across the front. I laughed and we spoke for a moment and I quickly grabbed a place mat and had him sign it. He was very gracious which isn't always the case. He can be pretty bitter sometimes.

SUSAN DEY: My All Time Favorite Partridge!!! I was filming a pilot on the CBS Radford Studios lot. Two sound stages away from me they were filming "Love & War" (TERRIBLE SHOW!) I knew my favorite bird was flying around somewhere on that stage. After 3 days of working on the lot I finally got to see her. I was making one of my casual trips past the soundstage when I heard this voice, I recognized it right away, I looked and walking toward me was the woman I had most of my boyhood crushes on. She had short hair, still slender, a little older but I could still see the traces of Laurie Partridge in those beautiful eyes. I shouted out to her - "Susan, I love your work!" She thanked me. I then I said "I have been in love with you since I was 7 years old" She laughed and said, "Now you tell me! I've been waiting!" It was a moment I'll always cherish with a smile. Even though she, too, has had a few unkind memories of PF I think she handles it much better then David ever has.

DAVE MADDEN: Was another resturant meeting. A seafood place in Van Nuys, California. He was very funny and was flattered when I mentioned several of his radio spots. Dave Madden is known as the "voiceover" king. He is highly respected in the radio & television voiceover business. Of course, I did try to drill a little about PF but he wasn't biting and I wasn't going to push. He was dining, after all.

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