Jennifer B.

I had my thrilling experience meeting DC in the fall of 1994 when Blood Brothers made its opening touring debute in Dallas. My friends and I all saw the show and afterwards we hung out at the stage door hoping he would make an appreance. After awhile, Petula Clark, who was also starring in the show, came out and siged autographs. She was very nice and we asked her when David was coming out. She said he had already left and he always used a side door exit instead of the one we were at. We all left that night very disappointed.

The day of the last scheduled performance of Blood Brothers I decided to try again, this time I went to the side door. No one else but me was there and I had many second thoughts about how David would react, but I remained. Finally David, his wife, little boy and a security guy came out the door. They all stopped and starting talking to me. I guess the security guy decided I was not a threat because he left and there I was talking to his family. I had a son the same age as his and we talked about kids.

Then his wife and son left to get into a car and he stay to sign my book. As I was thanking him and getting ready to leave he held out his hand for me to shake. I was impressed at how nice and gracious he was.

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