I have had the opportunity to "meet" David Cassidy a couple of times. I put this in quotes because the first time I came in contact with him, it was with a small group of people at the stage door of the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, TX. He was quite polite and patient with everyone asking for autographs, etc, but it was hardly a meeting of momentous proportions.

The next time I met him was in Las Vegas, when some friends and I went to see EFX. One of my friends is a friend of David's. She had sent word ahead that she would be in the audience that night, giving David's assistant our table number. Although we didn't hear from his assistant before we got to the theater, she came to our table right before the show started to tell us that David wanted to see her after the show. We were to wait at our table and she would come by after the show to take us backstage to say hello!

When the show ended, David's assistant came back to our table as promised and escorted us through the same double doors where David had made his entrance for the show. We rounded a corner, went through some more doors and, first door on the right there was a sign that said "David Cassidy." We went in just like we belonged there. The room was an office with a desk, a sofa and some tables, and a bar with a coffee pot on it. Almost immediately, David came through another door. From my quick glance into the adjoining room, it appeared to be where he actually got ready for the show every night. It was sort of an odd situation. We were all standing in a line, almost like a receiving line. There were the three in my group and another group of people as well. The only really awkward moment was when David asked us if we had all met, and we really hadn't! He was very hospitable, saying, "We're all just one big family back here!" I basically just said hello to him, as his time was better spent catching up with his friends who came back to say hello. It was interesting to see him in this setting. We got to hear about his stomach flu he was suffering from (though you would never have known it from his performance, but he said his energy level was really low), his ill father-in-law, his wife and his son. There was a litle boy there and David was very attentive to him, saying that he had a son his age and hoped the boy would come back when the two could play together. Very dad-like! All in all, it was a side of David I didn't expect to get to see, but I'm very glad I did. I much prefer the "everyday guy" persona, so I left there a happy person.

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