I met Danny in Montclair, NJ while he was shooting a toys r us commercial with his daughter, Isabella.  His car pulled up behind mine and i jumped out of the car and called "Bonaduch" and he looked and said hi with a great big smile.  I went over to him to tell him i grew up on his show and loved it.  He was sooooo gracious and has become a very handsome "grown up".  His wife gretchen, and daughter isalbella were with him and one's more beautiful than the other.  We talked for awhile and he couldn't have been nicer.  I felt like i'd known him my whole life.  what a great guy.  he's also great in the morning on l05.1 fm.  i'm a regular listener especiallly while excersizing.  He makes me laugh and actually makes my work out enjoyable.  what a lovely meeting with a lovely man.  Hats off to you kiddo, for not being so full of yourself as other stars ive met have been. 

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