John T.

Greetings all! Thought you might enjoy this true story. I'm a former professional musician currently living in Seattle. I was inspired by David Cassidy to pick up the guitar. Hey, on the show he was getting girls and made playing look so fun, what else could a seven year old boy think?! Anyhow I finally got a Les Paul in the late 70's, and after much study and work, was able to make a living with my instrument. In 1985, I received a call to play on a friend 's demo tape. It was being produced by none other than Larry Knechtel, who, as you should know, played Harpsichord and other keyboards on some of the PF albums. Incredibly nice (and very professional) guy. Didn't say much about the PF recordings, though. Skip forward several years. I read in the local paper that a former 70's heartthrob is doing in-store appearances to promote his "Old Trick, New Dog" CD. Gee, should I skip this one? After a long wait in line (made shorter by reminiscing with other fans), I meet David and tell him my story. "Hey man, that's great!", was his reply. The only downside was his refusal to sign my copy of his book "C'mon get happy." Still, it was fun to pay homage to Mr. C.

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