I was barely out of diapers when the Partridge Family made its television debut, so I never got the chance to see David Cassidy perform live in the '70s.  When he toured back in the '80s and '90s, I was too into punk rock and alternative music to care. So when I heard about David's new show, "At the Copa," I decided to make up for lost time. I booked a flight to Las Vegas and caught his show twice in February, shortly after its January 18, 2000 opening. It was a childhood dream come true...one that was 30 years in the making. And it resulted in not just one but two "Brushes with Velvet!"

The first "Brush" happened during a Thursday night performance of "At the Copa." My friend and I had gotten fourth row seats because I had heard through the online grapevine that David greets fans in that row during "I Think I Love You," one of the songs he sings in the show. You can imagine my surprise (and disappointment) when he started greeting fans in the sixth row instead! I was afraid that David wouldn't notice me, but I was sitting right next to the stairs leading back to the stage so I knew that he had to walk by me
eventually. I was right. Near the middle of the song, as I sang along, David suddenly walked right up to me and put the microphone up to my mouth. Talk about a shock! As we sang together, his face was literally inches from mine-our noses even touched at one point! I must have sounded pretty good (those vocal lessons paid off) because after we sang about five lines together, he stopped singing and let me sing solo. It was amazing! There I was, "At the Copa," singing "I Think I Love You" to David Cassidy! After the verse was finished, David thanked me and kissed me on the cheek before running back on stage.

 My friend and I got two more fourth row seats for "At the Copa" the following Saturday night. To make sure David noticed me again, I brought a rose-and I had the florist make it extra special by painting some green sparkles on it. This time, David did come down the fourth row during "I Think I Love You," and he let me sing with him again (though not as long as the first time). After our short duet, he carried the flower throughout the crowd as he sang. When he got back on-stage it was still in his hands (and I must say, it looked great against the green shirt he was wearing!). 

 Later on in the show, I noticed that David and Sheen touched noses during one of their duets. It made me feel like I was member of a privileged club. But the funniest observation I made came at the end of the show. When David was making
his final bows with the cast, if you looked closely enough, you could see some tiny green sparkles on his forehead. I wonder how they got there? I guess they must have stuck to his hands and he wiped his brow or something. What a hoot! It was the perfect ending to a Las Vegas trip I'll never forget!

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