I believe it was Aug of 92 at the Iowa state fair.
I was there with my husband and son. We were just getting in the car toleave because it was etremely hot that day and I happen to turn on theradio to a locl rock station. They were doing a live broadcast from thefair and guess who their guest was? I yelled Stop the car! My husbandthought I was nuts. Well ofcourse I made him take me back to the spotwhere David was. I had no dea he was there until I heard it on theradio. I grabbed my new cd didnt you use to be.. and got in line. When i got to David he saw the cd and actually asked me if I liked it. I assured him that I loved it! He then saw my camera and asked if I had anyone with me who could take a picture of us together so I yelled for my husband and he took the picture that I will always treasure. Davd could obviously see that I was tongue tied so he just took over the conversation and made one very happy fan. He was just so sweet. I have met him on a few other occasions since and he has been just as friendly and gracious.

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