I was on the front row, first table of "At The Copa" on March 23rd, 2000.  I was taking alot of pictures and finally one of the greeters (those little guys that seat you) came and told me and my friend to stop taking pics. (Don't wanna tick off "THE MAN" now do we??)  So much to my dismay, I stopped. :o(  I got some really good ones tho.  Anyway, when he came out to do his 2 songs.....he said to the audience, "I have 2 pretty girls sitting right up front here (and pointed to us) that have been taking my picture. (Laugh) While I am so flattered, I don't want you to blow them up because I have this growth coming from my face (the mic and he tapped on it)"  I yelled, "I won't blow them up"..he said, "She's not going to blow them up (Pout)!!!"   He laughed and then said, "Well, do you mind if I ask what you are going to do with them?" I said, "I'm going to keep them,  they're mine!!" He laughed and said "well then, this one's for you " (and pointed to me and the others on the front row). It was so great!!!!   He started singing ITILY and reached for hands from the audience (you can bet your bibby mine was there).  So, I got a handshake too!  He was close enough for me to grab during the rest of the show.........I was resting my elbow on the stage.:o)  He would wink and point at me.....(the ladies at our table said they saw it too!! So I am not imagining it!!!!!!!)  Towards the end of the show, they were doing the final song thing and he was right in front of me....he made a square with his thumbs and first fingers (Like a camera shape) and pointed/ winked right at ME!!!  I shook for the rest of the night! We gave him a standing ovation.....I heard that it was the first one, somehow, I doubt that.  That is my "Brush with Velvet". Thanks, for letting me share.

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