One of the greatest things happened to me and that is I got to have lunch with David during the Nickelodean Back on the Bus Tour. I called my local radio station and spoke to David. The host of the station annouced the 1st 5 callers will have lunch with David at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Wash. D.C. I was the first to call. I left work in the middle of the day along with a co-worker (I did not want to go alone) her name is Laura also. The coordinators wanted the 2 Lauras to sit on each side of David at his private table. The 5 winners sat at his table. He put is arm on my shoulder while he was talking to us. I was really calm and he was ever so kind to everyone. He did not forget the hundreds of fans waiting in the lower level of the restaurant and those that awaited outside. I have lots of pictures from that day and a video from the news report on our local CBS news station. This was truly Christmas in July for me and 4 other fans !! ! I hope everyone gets a chance to meet David the way I did. Keep an eye out and an ear to the ground because you never know where he is going to pop up. I found this web page for David Cassidy in Late July and I have met a lot of wonderful people. Especially Lauren, who is going to tape the bulletin board album for me. Good health and happiness to all in Cassidy Land.

Laura Hansberry of Md.

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