Very Recently I saw David at the Northshore Music Theatre in MA, with my best friend. We both have been fans for awhile but seeing we are only 18 and 20 we don't have any fun Partridge Family memorabilia to wave around in the audience or throw on stage. So we bought him a pair of black socks that say David and have the meaning on them. Right after 'Rock Me' I threw them up and they landed in front of him. He started to introduce his next song but a smile broke out and he said "Wait a minute. What do we have here?"  The lady behind us screamed "It's a sock!" somewhat angry we couldn't help notice.. anywho, he read the sock and said "Hebrew huh? I always thought I was Irish!" Then the lady behind us screamed "That's such a Hallmark thing!" David then felt inside the sock (a letter and picture from us) and said "I'm taking it this is not money?" and the lady behind us told her "I would give you money DAVID!" So then David asked who gave him the socks and we raised our hands shocked he was looking at us (and as if we were 12) then lady behind us then yelled "I sent them David!" Luckily he ignored her and smiled at us. He then told us "Its not a crime.. Thank you I needed new socks" it was great...  one of the best moments our lives.


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